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From the owner Mark “Doctor Cool” Cassidy

Twenty-Five years ago, A company named the Golden Triangle Telephone Directory put my website up free as a promotion if I would place an ad in their phone book. They used the information I provided to them for the phone book listing to create the website.

At that time I had a combination Environmental Air Conditioning, Heating and Commercial Process Refrigeration Class B Texas Mechanical Contractors License. Prior to that I had a Commercial Refrigeration License issued to me by the City of Beaumont. When the City of Beaumont stop issuing Licenses about 20 years ago I had to go to the state to take the test. I passed on my first try.The City of Beaumont’s Chief Mechanical Inspector wrote a referral to T.D.L.R. that said as far as he knew I had no complaints. I Graduated with a degree in RAC in the top 1% of my class and I tested out and got credit for 12 semester hours in Computer Robotics and Electronics Technology from Lamar University in Beaumont Texas.

There came a time when I got in a business relationship with Conns appliance. From that point on all I did was appliances and window unit a/c’s. This type of equipment dose not requires a license. Since I am not doing work that requires a license, I let my state license expire.

All of this time, I have not had control of the website. First the web site was owned by the Golden Triangle Telephone Directory. When they went out of business. I lost control of my website. I was able to get another company to find the files and put my website back up. The owner of that company died and again I had no control of my domain. A few years later I got a web hosting plan with Go Daddy and with tech support I was able to upload my website.

Recently we have moved our Appliance Business to a new building at 1475 Interstate 10 in Beaumont TX. So much has changed about our Business that it became necessary to Rebuild the website. Now because the original website was created using the obsolete software Front Page Express it was not compatible with current software. Actually Go Daddy had to switch the servers hosting my site in order for me to upgrade the software. So basically I an a amateur web builder that had to start from scratch.I was able to save the animated Cold Air Logo.